I recently had a faulty crown replaced by Dr. Shin. Prior to having the caring professionals at Dr. Shin's office work on it, the crown was nothing but a pain. Food would always get stuck in the area and I found myself looking for graceful, mostly not so graceful, ways of getting things out of my teeth. Not a good look for anyone. When I finally decided to get it fixed I went to Dr. Shin. She was truly amazing! She took detailed care of me and was very serious about matching the color of the crown to my other teeth. I have never seen a dentist do that. The procedure was smooth and easy. Dr. Shin made sure I was comfortable the entire time while she worked swiftly to complete the task as quickly as possible. Afterward I experienced no pain or discomfort, only the luxurious feeling of being able to enjoy a meal without worrying! All in all, this was the best experience I've had with a dentist. Dr. Shin is the greatest!--Farah S.

The whitening turned out great and I have been doing well since it. It really made my smile look even better but still natural. The barrier you guys use really helps to decrease sensitivity during the procedure compared to other places. It was a relaxing experience in a short amount of time that ended with amazing results. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!--Jasleen S

Dr. Shin & her team are awesome! Living in NYC there are endless options for almost anything, but when it comes to personal health and wellness I want nothing but the best. I would highly recommend this dental practice. The staff is inviting and polite and from the moment I entered there was professionalism and transparency. Dr. Shin is attentive to questions and extremely knowledgeable. The space is very clean and well maintained which accents the modern tools and equipment that the team uses. This is my 1st review here on yelp and I want to potentially help others in their decision making process! I know its safe to say that we have all at some point had a negative experience at the dentist, needless to say Dr. Shin is great.. Two thumbs up!!--Jacob B

I've been going to Dr. Shin since 2005. Despite job and insurance changes in the past 10 years, I would never consider going to any other dentist. I've had 1 root canal here and maybe a dozen fillings of all sizes over the years (I'm 45). She made me a night guard to combat my bruxing (tooth grinding at night). I bring the night guard with me for my cleanings and she checks it -- and cleans it, too! 

To add to other comments about flossing, I can sometimes drop the ball on that one but she never shames me for not flossing enough. Although I usually do...it's just when I get occasionally lazy. 

I think I've had 5 or more friends/co-workers go to her over the years. Everyone reports back to me how grateful they are for the referral. I usually tell them that going to Dr. Shin is like going to a spa. She has ergonomic chairs, top of the line digital x-ray equipment, flat panel TVs in front of your chair so you can a) watch TV to distract yourself during a procedure or b) so you can see up-close your own x-rays or photos she takes of her procedures as she does them. You actually learn something about dentistry which makes it interesting and fun (for me anyway). 

Dr. Shin has an undergrad degree in psychology (Yale) and her DDS degree from NYU. She also taught at NYU for a bit. She's not just my dentist, but a friend. So grateful to have her in my life -- and my mouth!--David G.

I usually hate, hate, hate the dentist. I'm terrified of them. But Dr. Shin could not have been more pleasant. Her staff has been outrageously helpful in assisting me with an insurance company nightmare, and Dr. Shin herself is thorough and kind (what more could you want in a dentist?). I stupidly thought I could get a filling without novocain because I am TERRIFIED of needles and when the pain got to be too much she was super gentle in administering the shot and patient with me afterward when I was acting like a toddler. I can't recommend this place more.--Lauren E.

I've had great experiences with Dr. Shin!  This includes my general check-up/cleaning and fillings. She's great at putting patients at ease and really did a wonderful job replacing my old broken fillings with new ones.  She takes pictures before, during, and after so you can see the work being done.  I actually called my fillings 'pretty' when she showed me the after photos because she did such a perfect job.

I highly recommend Dr. Shin.  Her office is clean, modern, and has a zen relaxing vibe.  I love it and am so glad I found a great dentist in NYC.--Teresa L.

Having had an unscrupulous family dentist who had done his best to ruin my teeth when I was younger, I knew I would make as sure as possible to find the best possible dentist I can to reconstruct my teeth and smile.
After listening and reading up on my options, I landed in Dr. Shin's office a few months back- and, boy, did I make the right choice.

I never thought I'd leave a dentist's chair in such high spirits.  But this is exactly how Dr. Shin's office operates.  From day one, everyone in the office is focused on making the patient's experience as pleasant and minimally painful/invasive as possible.  They're insistent on letting the patient know exactly what their thought process is, the reasons, and whatever options may exist.

Above all, it's so crystal clear that Dr. Shin is not only amongst the elite dentists in the city, but that she genuinely loves what she does.
Her office's location, setting, equipment, etc is all top-notch; she's clearly insistent on getting the best technology currently out there.  It's difficult to articulate just how positive my experience- at a dentist's office of all places!- has been with Dr. Shin and her staff without sounding too over-the-top.  But her practice is really that good.  She's truly one of the best dentists in the city, without any doubt.--Jay K.

Fabulous dentist. I have been to four dentists in the three years I have lived in NYC and never been satisfied. Her office looks like it has been designed by Steve Jobs. She gave me the most complete explanation of my dental health ever with detailed photographic explanations of some minor work to do. I have never felt so well informed leaving a dentist. Her office staff is about as impressive as I've encountered. They understood my insurance perfectly and explained everything to me, even things that I didn't need so that I would know. 5 star visit.--Elizabeth A.

Dental Angel is probably the best way to describe Dr. Shin. She is very thorough and professional, walks you through all the work that is being done, and why it's necessary. The office is always immaculate, all the equipment is modern (digital x-ray, 360 panorama x-ray, sonic cleaning, flat screen displays, etc...), staff is very friendly.

Had a root canal a few months ago and didn't hurt a bit, was able to go back to work and still put in the normal 12 hour day afterward. I also had to have a crown replaced, I think Dr. Shin spent at least 15 minutes color matching my crown to make sure it wouldn't standout from the rest of my teeth, and when the crown came in missed part of her lunch to make sure the fit was perfect when I bit down. 

Dr. Shin is not a low budget dentist, so much like everything else in NY, you get what you pay for! In this case an amazing dentist who will absolutely go out of her way to ensure your teeth are taken care of for life.--R.P.

I moved to the city about a year ago, saw a dentist on Central Park South a few times, and overall had a less-than-pleasant experience. 

Imagine my surprise when I go to Dr. Shin's office and the staff are actually not just pleasant but super-friendly. The X-rays? Usually the dentist would take them, have a quick glance, and file them away. With Dr. Shin, she showed me each X-ray on her screen and we talked about problem areas she had observed. She even took out a mini-camera and took a shot of one tooth so we could get a closer look. I have never been more involved in my own dental care. I asked questions I'd never asked before because I was never given the chance. All of that changed with Dr. Shin.

And the cleaning? Absolutely painless. 

I cannot recommend her enough. Going back next week to get an old sealant replaced (something that my previous dentists completely missed!).

Go to Dr. Shin, you won't be disappointed!--L.P.

Dr. Shin is an excellent doctor. She is skilled, careful, organized and caring. I never thought I would actually enjoy going to the dentist. Highly recommended.--Henrique C.

In a word, Dr. Shin is awesome!  I hadn't been to the dentist in about a year and a half but she made my cleaning seem as if I go regularly every six months.  I was very impressed with her office as its much more upgraded technologically than my previous dentist.  The x-ray machine was very cool plus you get to watch tv while they clean your teeth.

Dr. Shin was also VERY sweet, down to earth and cool. I actually enjoyed talking with her and her cleaning technique makes it virtually pain free!--Adam B.

It's ridiculously hard to get into a dentist in NYC, and even harder to find an amazing, talented group of dental professionals.  Dr Shin is wonderful.  Her office is out of my way but I make it a point to go as she is not only dedicated to treating me with the best care, she answers all of my questions and makes the time to make me feel most comfortable when receiving any kind of treatment.  The entire office is amazing and is the most concierge type dentist office I've ever been with.--Mary L.

Dr. Shin is THE BEST.  She makes you feel completely at ease about being at the dentist office.  Dr. Shin has always completely explained my dental health needs and options for the future.

Having come from a really bad experience with my previous NYC dentist, Dr. Shin fixed ALL of the previous shoddy fillings and work done.

Her staff is great too and does a great job handling insurance and billing questions.


Really great experience.  Dr. Shin is really nice and has a great way of explaining what's going on step by step with cool photos and digital x rays.  A++--Patrick M.

I've recommended Dr. Shin to all my friends who are looking for a dentist. I'm really particular about my teeth and Dr. Shin is thorough -- asking even for my x-ray history to verify certain anomalies she noticed on my film. She explains everything in detail and takes high def. pictures of the process so you know exactly what is going on. The dental office is beautiful and during your appointment, the staff will play whatever music you specify you want to listen to.--Joanna S.

Dr. Shin is Heaven sent.  I only have good things to say about her and her wonderful staff.  

Last year I had an important business trip to China.  Two days before the trip, one of my front tooth broke off (was a crown) while eating a sandwich, and I was terrified for my upcoming trip.  It could not be cancelled and I was concerned about my appearance since I had meetings planned with several important potential clients.
My wife suggested I call Dr. Shin, so I did and she (acknowledging my urgency) asked me to come to her office the next morning at 7:30am!! 
I got there and immediately she managed to make the mold and she had a flipper (one tooth denture) made and delivered to her office on the same day! 
With the flipper I was able to go abroad and take care of business for two weeks!  The flipper fit perfectly and I was able to chew food without any problems.  The trip was a success.  Thank you Dr. Shin!
After I returned, I went back and was treated for an implant.  The procedures were painless and smooth.  I'm told implants could take couple of months and I'm cool with that and I am still wearing my loyal "flipper".

Dr. Shin and her staff are true professionals.  Everything I can think of in an updated modern dentist office is there and more.  They are very accommodating and they even play your favorite music during your treatments.  I had mentioned I was an Elvis fan and my Elvis music was playing on the computer screen in front of me while I was being treated!  I felt right at home!  
While she was working on me I felt so comfortable that my mind was at ease and I wasn't nervous at all (I'm usually tense sitting at dentist's chair).
Dr. Shin is so detail oriented and focused on her work and caring for her clients.  She always explains to you thoroughly about the procedure.  She uses these amazing digital x-rays (very impressive) & explained all the details. 

My old dentist (whom I had seen for 5 years) told me I was free from any cavities, but Dr. Shin had found 10 miniscule cavities that my old dentist had missed!  I was so upset at my old dentist that I picked-up all my records and dropped them off at Dr. Shin's office.  

I have recommended her to my friends and family.

Thank you Dr. Shin!--Roger A.

 I have now finished all my dental work and am simply coming in twice a year to get cleanings and checkups.  It took 3 years, 2 crown replacements and root canals per year, but I am through it all.  I am so happy I found Dr. Shin and went through the whole experience with her and her staff.  I needed a second crown lengthening earlier this year and got through it just fine.  For the last two root canals I went to Dr. Shin's colleague in her office, Dr. Strickman and he was better than the endo specialist I had previously been using in Long Island.  I now live in upstate NY and am retired, but I still come in twice a year to have cleanings and checkups with Dr. Shin.  I trust her completely and her original treatment plan from that first appointment is exactly what she accomplished after 3 years -- no more, no less, right on the money.  Her rates are reasonable, she takes most dental insurance and can always accommodate your special circumstances or needs.  I highly recommend Dr. Shin, all of the dentists in her practice as well as her dental hygienist, assistants and front desk employees.  Everyone is a professional in this organization and you can tell they really like each other and the patients.  Thank you, Dr. Shin!--Karen F.

I've been coming to Dr. Shin for about three years now and even when I temporarily worked downtown, I still schlepped up to midtown (I wouldn't think of changing dentists as long as I'm a New Yorker!) Dr. Shin and her team are exceptional. Everyone is so friendly, professional and they all take the time to explain everything to you. Dr. Shin filled my first real adult cavity (at the ripe age of 30!) and I was nervous and she explained everything every step of the way. They are all so patient and gentle. The office is calm, organized and even has a lovely view of the Empire State building from most of the chairs! 

I also recently had a minor gum procedure done by Dr. Ziar and he's amazing as well. SO gentle that I almost fell asleep! He also is very thorough and explains everything in detail, fielding even my most neurotic questions with charm and patience. Highly recommend this office.--Ashley A.

I like this place so much!  Everyone is kind and caring.  They are all so helpful!  And the doctor is a sweet caring and very effective Doctor! If one could love going to a dentist this would be the place!  What a wonderful group of professionals!!--Susan M.

Clean, friendly, professional and great dental work.  While dental work is never truly fun, Dr. Shin and her staff make it as comfortable as possible.  The office is great and I have never had to wait once I get there, the service is immediate.  Very nice people and I am lucky to have found her!--Trisha B.